Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sup Tulang from Ibrahim Mee Stall, Adam Road Food Centre

Unsatisfied with my sup tulang experience from Newton, I decided to try the tulang from Adam Road. For $6, I received five bones with much more meat on them than the almost meatless bones from Newton - compare the pictures and it is pretty obvious. With a bit of knocking on the bowl, each bone yielded a sliver of slippery marrow.


Unlike the Newton gravy, this reddish gravy was not mixed with egg - this made the gravy less thick, which allowed me to taste its pure sweet-spicy flavour. Although Ibrahim's gravy was slightly milder in terms of spiciness, it was still delicious with the mutton meat.

At the end of this tulang experience there remained a puddle of red gravy, so I used it as a gravy with my boiled okra.

Note: Ibrahim Mee Stall seems to be known for its roti john and not its sup tulang. While I was queueing up, people were ordering roti john and a contruction worker even ordered more than ten packets of fried rice, and I was the only person who ordered tulang. This leads me to think that even though Ibrahim's tulang was good, there is better out there!

Ibrahim Mee Stall
Adam Road Food Centre
Stall 4
2 Adam Road
Singapore 289876

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