Monday, March 26, 2012

Mini Soon Kueh from My Genie Gourmet

Soon kueh (upside down) with dark sauce and chilli sauce about to be eaten by mom

One night my father came home with a little box, saying that it contained soon kueh. His friend had given it to him to try. I must admit not having high expectations upon seeing the packaging, even though the box showed 5 out of 6 Makansutra chopsticks. However my mind was changed when I ate the soon kueh filling.

The fillings of My Genie Gourmet's soon kueh were unexpectedly delicious. The turnip fillings were juicy and dotted with slightly peppery minced pork, and were much more tasty than than I remember the usually bland-tasting turnip in soon kueh or popiah to be. They carried a stronger fragrance of pork, which is exactly what would naturally flavour the steamed turnip.

If I could, I would order a tub of My Genie Gourmet's soon kueh fillings to have as a side dish or snack - they taste that good!

My Genie Gourmet

Blk 51, Old Airport Road
Singapore 390051

Opening hours: 7.30am - 11.30pm


  1. Mate. There's a halal sign on the packaging.. I'm pretty sure there's no pork in the soon kueh...

    1. Good point. I suppose it might be chicken meat then, but there is definitely meat in there.