Saturday, March 24, 2012

Delifrance Chicken D'light

We have many good memories of Delifrance because twenty years back, it was pretty much the only western sandwich and pastry place in Singapore, and therefore the place to get sandwiches and pastries. My mother, sister and I loved all of their sandwiches - chicken, tuna and egg - and regularly ate many of their pastries as well.

Now, so many bakeries have sprouted all over Singapore greatly widening the variety of sandwiches, pastries and cakes. It is only occasionally that we indulge in baked goods, and when we do, we have spent time trying the wares of the new players.

Nonetheless, when my mother saw the Delifrance Groupon deal ($3.60 for a chicken or tuna sandwich), she asked me to get her the chicken sandwich. Neither of us had had a Delifrance sandwich for years, and she wanted to taste one again.

This was the chicken sandwich given to me: two ice-cream scoops of chicken mayo perched on top of a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, on top of a baton of baguette. I took a spoon of chicken mayo to try, and it tasted as delicious as I remember. 

But I think the size of the sandwich now is drastically different from twenty years ago (assuming that the $3.60 Groupon sandwich is the same size as the usual $6.50 sandwich). I remember the baguette being a thick, long crusty thing stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes and a huge amount of chicken / tuna / egg from end to end so that it was spilling out of the sandwich.

Ah well, for that moment in time, Delifrance's Chicken D'light brought back a lot of good memories, and I love that the chicken mayo still tastes the same.

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