Wednesday, March 07, 2012

51 Soya Bean almond beancurd

$1.50 for original and almond flavours; $2.50 for strawberry, durian and mango.

In the spirit of beancurd pudding sampling, yesterday night my father brought home two tubs of almond tau hway from 51 Soya Bean for me to try.

Compared to Lao Ban's almond beancurd, 51's was slightly more watery in texture. Lao Ban's was firm and held its shape while I was scooping the beancurd, while 51's broke into pieces more easily whilst I was scooping it.

To me, even though 51's had the same almond-type flavour and disintegrated more easily, it seemed less creamy than Lao Ban's. Other people have said though that they prefer 51's tau hway. 

I think that 51 Soya Bean's almond beancurd is a close contender to Lao Ban's, and 50 cents cheaper makes a difference if you eat almond beancurd everyday! But if you want a single satisfying experience, I would still suggest Lao Ban's tau hway.

51 Soya Bean

51 Old Airport Road 
#01-72 / #01-125
Singapore 390051

Opening hours:  Mon - Sun: 8am - 10pm

505 Beach Road 
Golden Mile Food Centre
Singapore 199583

Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 9am - 10pm

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