Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lao Ban almond-flavoured soya beancurd

$1.50 for plain tau hway. $2.00 for almond-flavoured tau hway. 

Delicate, fine, silky, slides down your throat. Place a spoonful in your mouth, and it will literally melt / disintegrate on your tongue. I have never really liked tau hway, but place this new kind of silky tau hway in front of me, especially the almond-flavoured one, and I can do three bowls at one go (even though I am Paleo!).

Lao Ban's soya beancurd is my silky tau hway of choice. I have tried other stalls' versions, but Lao Ban's has the best taste and melting texture.

People talk about eating jelly and ice-cream when their tonsils get removed. If mine ever got removed, it would be Lao Ban almond-flavoured beancurd for me.

Blk 51 Old Airport Road 
Singapore 390051

Beancurd arrival times: 
- Tues - Sat: 11.30am and 6.30pm
- Sun: 1.00pm and 7.00pm
Closed on Mondays

Maxwell Road Food Centre 
Singapore 060000

Beancurd arrival times:
- Mon - Sat: 11.30am
Closed on Sundays

Update (24/03/12): Lao Ban now has another stall at  One Raffles Place, #B1-01, Singapore 048616. I walked past at 5pm on a weekday and there was a long queue snaking out of the little foodcourt the stall was in. Don't people have to work? ;)

The lao bans of Lao Ban may be "lao", but they even have their own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Laobansoya

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