Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sup Tulang from Al-Noor Biasa, Newton Food Centre

Literally translated, "sup tulang" means "bone soup". Sup tulang is a Tamil Muslim dish consisting mutton or beef bones stewed in a spicy red sauce with their marrow intact. It is a dish that Anthony Bourdain himself has tried and liked.

I like bones, and I like connective tissue. So when we happened to drop into Newton Food Centre to eat, I jumped at the chance to procure some sup tulang for taste testing.

The dish looked spicy, but it was only slightly. The startling red gravy was mixed with egg and thick, and slightly sweet. Delicious to slurp down with a spoon or as a gravy with more mutton. For $6 I got four bones - one big one and three smaller ones. There was just a bit of connective tissue around the bone head, which I gnawed on with my teeth. A few taps of the bone and the soft fatty marrow slid out onto my spoon, melted in my mouth.

This is the first time I have eaten sup tulang so I am not familiar with the amount of meat I should be getting on the bone, but I thought that the bones had been stripped pretty bare. Based on the amount of meat on each bone I could have eaten 15 just to get full.

It was a gorgeous dish nonetheless and I shall be trying other stalls' versions in future.

Stall 79
Newton Food Centre
500 Clemenceau Avenue North
Singapore 229492

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