Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why do you eat what you eat? (Pt 1)

Throughout my Paleo years, I have frequently been asked why I eat the food I eat. There have also been some times when people have seen my packed lunches of, eg., a piece of pork chop on top of a bed of baby spinach and tomatoes, and have remarked that "oh it looks so healthy", and then they go on to eat their fast food for lunch.

This all makes makes me wonder: (a) why we eat what we eat and whether we think about the reason(s) we are eating; and (c) if we thought about the reason(s) we eat, would we still be eating what we are eating.

I just wanted to throw a thought out there, without going on a long philosophical journey, that if you think carefully about the food you have eaten, have you not found that it can affect your mood and wellbeing? And if the amount of food we can eat each day is limited (otherwise we would gain fat), would / should we not want to eat just enough food, but also food that contains the greatest amount of nutrients for our body?

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