Friday, June 28, 2013

What I bought from iHerb

Since some people asked me what on earth I bought from iHerb when I told them I had three DHL shipments, I thought I'd just share it with everyone at one shot. (Yes, three!)

First up was Doctor's Best Fucoidan, which was for my father really, to assist in lowering blood pressure. He feels that it has been useful. A 70+ year old male colleague at work also swears by it. A bottle is going for US$29.92, for 60 caps of 300mg fucoidan extract.

The second-most important item was fish oil. As DHL shipping was heavily discounted, starting from US$10, I chose to go with fish oil with a lesser concentration of EPA/DHA for savings in costs that would offset the cost of shipping. Now Foods is a well-known and popular brand in the US, and I went with their Ultra Omega-3. One bottle contains 180 softgels of 500mg EPA / 250mg DHA each, and is going for US$23.79.

Having to juggle between price and weight limitations led me to splitting up the order of fucoidan and fish oil into two shipments. (In Singapore, orders above S$400 are subject to Goods and Services Tax.)

As I suffer from low stomach acid, I added on some digestive enzymes. I have always used Now Foods' Super Enzymes, which Robb Wolf recommends for its inclusion of Betaine HCl. A bottle of 180 capsules costs US$19.11.

My father wanted some spirulina for my mother, and a friend got me interested enough in the seaweed to order some for myself too. Now Foods' Spirulina is one of the cheapest at iHerb. One US$21.66 bottle contains 500 tablets, with 500mg spirulina in each tablet.

Kettle Chips are cheaper in the US than in Singapore. iHerb's price and size tempted me into trying two flavours / cuts that are not available here: Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, and Sea Salt. Each party-sized bag of 397g of ridged chips is going for US$4.83, and that is not even after my VIP discount at iHerb. In contrast, when they are on offer in Singapore, one 142g bag costs S$3.45.

You probably know already that I ordered a jar of Nutiva's Coconut Manna to try. My review can be found here.

As I continued to find DIM and Calcium D-glucarate helpful, after my post on estrogen imbalance, I ordered another batch of both. I also restocked other miscellaneous items like Healthy Origins' Vitamin D3, Now Foods' L-TryptophanNow Foods' Magnesium Citrate, and Now Foods' Zinc Picolinate.

Altogether enough for three DHL shipments don't you think? ;)

I cannot repeat enough that iHerb's promotion of free international shipping / heavily discounted DHL shipping is rare - maybe about twice a year. Now's the time to stock up on supplements, and note that this round ends in June 2013.

If it is your first time ordering from iHerb, the coupon code "XOJ002" will save you US$5-10 on your first order.

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