Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nandos from City Square Mall, Johor Bahru

Even though we had da pau-ed (taken away) Kam Long's curry fishhead for dinner when we visited Johor Bahru, we could not resist getting some Nandos chicken as well. It stems from having lived in Australia for many years, and one year in particular living almost directly above a Nandos outlet. Further, how could we not get Nandos when it is much cheaper in Malaysia than Singapore!

We ordered their whole chicken in extra-hot peri-peri, and chose coleslaw and three bean salad as the sides. RM39.90, about SGD16, as compared to SGD35.90 from an outlet in Singapore. Pretty much twice the price. Ridiculous much!

Nandos' cooks may have gotten the pieces of chicken mixed up, because one half of the chicken tasted more like it was coated with the lemon & herb peri-peri, but no complaints. It was just as delicious. Mom and I agreed though that the chicken would have tasted better fresh off the grill there and then, compared to two hours later. It was not crispy, a little soggy, but otherwise tasted just like the charcoal-grilled Nandos we ate in Australia.

We felt that their coleslaw was quite raw and too chunky, and our standard is still KFC's coleslaw. The three bean salad was average.

Would I buy from Nandos at City Square Mall again? Heck yes, for that price! The next time we are there though we might try Kenny Rogers for comparison.

There is just one final point I would like to add. Johor Bahru that day was very hot, and by the time we got to Nandos, my mother was tired and thirsty. She asked the Nandos cashier whether she could have a glass of water, but they told her they did not have any water. She left the restaurant to buy a drink, and suddenly one of the staff appeared with ice lemon tea for my mother. I immediately stepped out of the restaurant to call my mother back, and she felt much better and refreshed from the ice lemon tea. I was entirely caught by surprise by the kindness and thoughtfulness of the Nandos staff, and sadly, I do not think that the staff at Nandos in Singapore would have done the same.

Thumbs up for City Square Nandos' customer service.


Lot MV-07, Level B1
City Square
Jalan Wong Ah Fook
Johor Bahru 80400

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

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