Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant

Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant is an old school zi char place that is famous for its milky fish soup and prawn paste chicken. Just like Tambuah Mas is the restaurant I had to visit before leaving Singapore for further studies and each time I returned, Ka-Soh is the same to my sister. When my sister was scheduled to arrive in Singapore at around 1am, mom even went to Ka-Soh in the evening to da pau (takeaway) food for her when she reached home!

Achar while you wait

Here it is - the fish soup in all its glory! I have eaten at Ka-Soh more than ten times altogether, and not once has its fish soup or fish given off a fishy aroma. In fact its soup has always tasted creamy and deeply nourishing, and addition of ground white pepper kicks it up a notch. Note that the milkiness of the soup is not due to any kind of milk, but from the boiling of fish bones. Ka-Soh's fish soup is the kind of soup you would want especially on a cold day or when you fall sick.

The steaming claypot beancurd was more average, but not too bad.

Ka-Soh's prawn paste chicken actually smells a little stinky, but you are going to be sinking your teeth into golden brown, crispy, juicy morsels that taste better than KFC. For the health conscious, they are not very oily. My only gripe is that the chunks of breast meat have always been overcooked, rendering the meat tough and dry.

As you can see, Ka-Soh is generous with its sambal balacan when it comes to cuttlefish kang kong.  This dish has always hit the right level of spiciness. They serve it up soaked in oil though, so remember to drain the veg before tucking in.

Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant

Alumni Medical Centre
2 College Road
Singapore 169850

Telephone: +65 6473 6686

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