Thursday, June 06, 2013

iHerb free international shipping

I have been quite busy with other matters lately, but for the rest of June 2013 iHerb is offering free international shipping using its Global Priority Mail, and larger discounts on DHL Express, for all orders over US$40.

iHerb is also offering temporary VIP type discounts (all in USD):
5% for orders less than $60.00
6% for orders between $60.00 and $69.99
7% for orders between $70.00 and $79.99
8% for orders between $80.00 and $89.99
9% for orders between $90.00 and $99.99
10% for orders between $100.00 and $199.99
12% for orders between $200.00 and $399.99
14% for orders of $400.00 or more

If you order at least US$200 in June, your account will be upgraded to a VIP account.

As iHerb has not offered free shipping and such discounts in many months, now's the time to stock up on supplements!

EDIT (8 June 2013): If you are buying many expensive items, it will be cheaper for you to select shipping via DHL Express than Global Priority Mail. If I am not wrong, it starts from US$10, and for that price you can load up on many items before the weight limit hits and the price goes up. But even then, it does not go up by much. I have just placed orders for Now Foods Ultra Omega-3 fish oil, the quality of which I think is pretty good. It is also one of the cheapest at iHerb per total EPA/DHA.

If it is your first time ordering from iHerb, the coupon code "XOJ002" will save you US$5-10 on your first order.

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