Saturday, June 22, 2013

n95 masks - availability

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Hoping all readers affected by the haze in SE Asia are well and have managed to get hold of an n95 mask. On Friday morning when PSI levels in Singapore reached 400, I stepped out of the office to buy masks for my family, but the Guardians at Raffles Place and Raffles City were out-of-stock of all types of masks. NTUC Unity at Thomson Plaza had some stocks today, but not enough for the people queueing up (including myself).


23.06.13 - Watsons at Paragon has boxes of green n95 masks at $2.50 each

28.06.13 - Since masks are no longer in short supply (until the next hazy day at least), I believe there is no need to update this section.

Amazon and comGateway

comGateway is having a shipping promotion: the code "EXPRESS1" will get you a free upgrade to express shipping, letting you receive your shipment within 3-5 working days from the time it reaches their warehouse.

Here are the links to the various n95 masks sold on Amazon:
- 3M 8210 N95 Respirator - 20 pack for US$9.40
- 3M 1860 Medical Mask N95 - 20 pack for US$9.40
- 3M 8000 Particle Respirator N95 - 30 pack for US$11.99
- 3M 1870 Surgical Mask N95 3M 1870 (foldable) - 20 pack for US$18.50

PM2.5 (Update: 23.06.13)

Even if the skies are looking clearer, and PSI levels are <150, please continue to wear your masks.

The 3-hourly PSI reading at this moment is 90, but the PM2.5 reading in the central area is 90. According to the United States website, PM2.5 levels are classified as "good" only when they are below 50.

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