Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Old Chang Kee: Curry 'O (chicken curry puff)

'course I've read the newspapers about what the lady found in her curry puff. But how often does this happen? 

When my sister and I were teenagers, Old Chang Kee curry puffs was one of our favourite snacks. We used to have to have it about once a month because it was a solid snack for hungry teenagers, for just around $1.

Cubes of soft potatoes, couple of shreds of chicken meat, and a sliver of egg... all marinated in the delicious curry paste... encased in a crunchy thick outer shell.

To this day,  Old Chang Kee's Curry 'O remains one of our favourites and we have never found anything suspicious-looking inside. (We have noticed though that the size of the curry puffs have been gradually decreasing whilst going up in price - they are now two-thirds the size they used to be, sadly.)

Old Chang Kee

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