Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jumbo @ Dempsey

When my sister returned from the US for a visit, mom insisted on taking her to Jumbo @ Dempsey for a meal. Mom had previously had a good meal with guests from Thailand, and thought that my sister would like the food.

On the back wall of the restaurant are rows of massive fish tanks with live fish and other sea animals moving within. It is an impressive sight when you enter the restaurant.

On another side of the restaurant is its kitchen, separated from the dining tables by huge pieces of transparent glass. If you get bored with the fishes, you can always turn to the chefs.

This was my favourite dish out of the dishes we ordered. I love mushrooms and the gravy went very well with them. Underneath the tangle of mushrooms were blocks of soft egg tofu which crumbled in the mouth.

My family liked this dish a lot, more because of the mini crispy yam baskets than the scallops that they held up. Me - I had the scallops and gave the baskets to mom.

We ordered a medium sized kangkong because my sister loves the vegetable. It came with lots of leaves, but was a bit lacking in flavour and tasted average.

This dish I could not unfortunately touch. Mom may have thought that what she ordered was chicken meat, but this was, and I am annoyed to say, reconstituted chicken meat. Underneath the skin was something that looked like fishcake.

Mom and my sister thought that the fried mantou was terribly oily, and felt nauseous after eating them.

The horfun looked good when it arrived, by my family members thought that it was also just average.

I am not sure what mom ate when she visited Jumbo @ Dempsey the first time, but I did not really enjoy my meal here. It may be a matter of ordering the wrong dishes (e.g. their black pepper crab would certainly have been finger-licking good), but then again, if a restaurant chooses to include a dish on its menu, should the dish not taste as good as the popular dishes.

JUMBO @ Dempsey

Blk 11 #01-16 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249673
Tel: 6479 3435
Operating Hours:
- Mon - Fri: Lunch 12pm-3pm; Dinner 6pm-12am
- Sat, Sun, Eve of & on PH: Lunch: 12pm-3pm; Dinner 5.30pm-12am 

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