Sunday, November 18, 2012

1A Crispy Puffs: Chicken curry puff, goreng pisang

Curry puffs with multi-layered, flaky skin are sometimes a welcome textural change from the usual curry puffs with thicker, more doughy, single-layered skin. They are fun to eat too - you can break off the crust layer by layer, like eating rainbow kueh lapis.

A1 Crispy Puff's chicken curry puff (S$1.50) has been my sister's favourite for a few years because she likes that there it contains more curry gravy in it. Whilst I prefer my curry puff fillings to be on the dry side, A1's gravy is not too bad. It is hardly spicy and a little on the sweet side even. If you compare the cross-section above to Old Chang Kee's cross-section, you will see that Old Chang Kee's is jam-packed with potatoes and a few shreds of chicken meat, whereas A1's curry puff looks like it is filled with gravy and just a slightly larger slice of egg.

1A Crispy Puffs does not just sell "savoury" puffs - it also sells "sweet" puffs like yam puffs, sweet corn puffs and "Crispy Raja Banana Puffs", which is basically goreng pisang. As mom likes goreng pisang, I bought one for her (S$1.40). Regretfully, it was practically the size of half a banana, or my thumb, and did not taste very nice. If you want goreng pisang, Lim Kee's at Maxwell Food Centre is still one of the best.

1A Crispy Puffs

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