Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nut stash from the US

If you are a nut lover and are in the US, or someone can carry nuts from the US back for you, do give Costco's Kirkland-brand nuts a shot.  Everytime my sister visits from the US, she carries with her a few bags of Kirkland's nuts, and every single piece has tasted really fresh compared to the nuts I have bought in Chinatown. In August, my sister returned from the US again and brought back these bags of nuts for us.

Besides the above varities, Costco also sells pecans, ready to eat mixed nuts, chocolate nuts, etc. Unfortunately, they do not ship internationally. You can try but shipping will probably work out to be too expensive.

As stated in an earlier post, a good alternative to and another way get fresh tasting nuts is

- NOW Foods roasted & salted almonds (454g) sells for US$7.35 (i.e. S$19.83/kg)
- NOW Foods unblanched & unsalted almonds (454g) sells for US$6.87 (i.e. S$18.53/kg)

- NOW Foods raw & unsalted walnuts (340g) sells for US$8.82 (i.e. S$31.77/kg)

Pine nuts
- NOW Foods organic pine nuts (227g) sells for US$12.59 (i.e. S$67.93/kg)

- NOW Foods roasted & salted pistachios (340g) sells for US$7.84 (i.e. S$28.24/kg)

And if you are a first-time customer at, the coupon code "XOJ002" will get you US$10 off your first order.

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