Sunday, November 11, 2012

Awfully Chocolate: All Chocolate cake

Yes - this is the first time I am trying Awfully Chocolate's chocolate cake. I know Awfully Chocolate has been around for a few years and I am behind on the cake scene (laugh). I have been wanting to try it ever since people were saying it tastes like Lana Cake Shop's, or even better, and might have sooner if it sold by the slice.

I grew up eating Lana's chocolate cake at least once a year for nearly eight years, because mom would buy a whole cake on either my birthday or my sister's birthday. It was the best chocolate cake I had had, at that age, and a huge favourite of my family and amongst my cousins.

So how does Awfully Chocolate compare to Lana Cake Shop?

Awfully Chocolate's cake tasted really similar to Lana's. The way the cake was structured (i.e. layer of fudge in-between the cake, fudge on top and around the sides) was the same. In respect of the chocolate fudge, I thought that the thickness of the fudge around and within the cake, as well as its taste, were the same. What I thought was different between Awfully Chocolate's and Lana's cakes was that the cake portion of Awfully Chocolate's cake seemed to be lighter and more fluffy than Lana's. By memory, Lana's was slightly more dense and moist.

If you asked me which cake I prefer, it would be very difficult to say as both of them tasted too similar to each other. Plus, I was comparing the slice of cake against a memory of Lana's cake. I really wished I had a slice of Lana's at the same time to compare with. It would be certainly be interesting to have some people take a blind taste test to see which cake they prefer and if they can distinguish the cakes!

Awfully Chocolate

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