Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trader Joe's Thai Lime & Chili Cashews

It was a write-up of these Thai Lime & Chili Cashews on Trader Joe's website that I had sent to my sister, that had made her buy a bag for herself to try. She enjoyed them so much and found them so addictive that she brought a bag home for us as well.

The description on the back of the bag reads:

The legendary heat associated with Thai food is often accompanied by the distinctive flavour of the leaves of the Thai Lime tree. This specific, light citrus-y flavour cannot easily be duplicated with any other citrus. The juice can also be used, although this cashew product, made for us in Thailand, uses only the flavor from these very special leaves.

We have combined the Thai lime with piquant chilis to create an authentically Thai flavoured  treat. Enjoy these delicious nuts as a satisfying snack, or coarsely chopped to top salads or Asian flavoured rice dishes. Keep something to drink nearby!

And the ingredients are as follows: cashews, roasted Thai lime leaves, lemon grass & Thai lime seasoning (salt, sugar, lime, paprika & spices [lemon grass, Thai lime & chili]), salt, rice bran oil.

Now that we have gone over the facts, she was right - Trader Joe's Thai Lime & Chili Cashews are addictive.

Let me say this first: if you are searching for a distinctively sourish lime flavour like you can find with Red Rock Deli's Lime & Black Pepper chips, you wil not find it in these cashews.

However, the seasoning in this bag of cashews has a unique, distinctive lime taste, and is both salty and sweet at the same time with a nice kick of chilli. The citrus-y tang does not fade over bites, but each cashew packs as much a punch as the one before. It has all the makings of a fantastic snack.

A 16 ounce bag of these babies costs US$6.99 at Trader Joe's. Well worth the money.


  1. Garden Picks are carrying thai sweet chili cashews. No lime in it though but pretty awesome! You can check them out at