Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thoughts: Blog, pretentious food blogs, etc...

After doing lots of walking to locate a pair of low-heel work shoes, I took a break at Ah Mei Kaya Toast and had a black coffee. Did some thinking about this blog and the direction in which I want it to go.

Amongst the few blogs I read are local food blogs, and the top few appear to have been doing increasingly more advertising / promotional work for restaurants, cafes and products. Perhaps for the sake of getting business, and under pressure, some of them have been writing favourable reviews for food places, and when I visit those places myself to give the food a go, the food usually tastes only average. It may be a matter of differences in taste, but when it has happened a few times and my dining partners agree with me, I tend to get disgusted at the food blog's lack of integrity and candour, and become distrusting of its reviews. I am not impressed.

Addendum on 3/10/12: By chance I had the opportunity to speak with some people involved in Diner En Blanc in Singapore this year. They said that a certain blogger published only one part of the story - the part that the blogger thought would create the most controversy (and it eventually did), and not the full story to give an accurate picture of what had happened. If this is true, then I reckon that blogger's credibility is shot. I urge everyone to read blogs with a more discerning eye and to keep in mind that what is published on blogs may only be one side of the story, or may not be the truth.

In contrast, this blog was started for the reason of allowing my overseas family, relatives and friends to keep in touch with what I am doing and Singapore food. It was never meant to be a food blog, fitness blog or Paleo blog per se, or a blog to be used to make money. I am not a pro or celebrity blogger. I do not have any marketing agents or any agents acting on my behalf. I do not even use a special camera - all the pictures you see have been taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII, and some of them have been brightened (to correct lighting issues) or partially blurred with Photoshop.

This blog will continue existing mainly for my family, relatives and friends, and my reviews will continue remaining candid and completely open. If there is something I like, I will be glad to point it out. If there is something I do not like, I will also mention it so as not to mislead my readers.

This is how my blog will work, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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