Saturday, September 08, 2012

Da Paolo Gastronomia: Chocolate Croissant

This chocolate croissant was another venture into a non-cake item from Da Paolo. In my limited croissant-eating experience, there are two types of croissants: the buttery, crisp, flaky kind, and the bready kind. The former should be good enough to be eaten on its own, and I usually do that; the latter - I like to use as sandwich bread.

Da Paolo's chocolate croissant falls into the former category, but its cross-section tells a different story. It may be that I was supposed to re-heat the chocolate croissant so that any puff pastry would puff up and turn crispy, but I did not receive any advice to and therefore ate it as bought. 

On top of the croissant was probably a sugar water glaze - something that I would have preferred not to have been there. Yet a sugar glaze was not inappropriate for the croissant, since a chocolate croissant is probably a dessert. You can probably guess from the picture of the cross-section that the layers of pastry tasted chewy and flat, but again possibly because the croissant was supposed to be re-heated. In contrast, the stick of chocolate within was creamy and on the sweet side.

It comes down to personal preferences, but I would have preferred for the pastry to be plain or even savoury, and for the chocolate within to be the fudge used in Da Paolo's Valrhona Chocolate Cake. Savoury and sweet - a droolsome combination. Now that would have wowed me.

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