Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hong Kong Jin Tian Eating House

Ask me which hawker stall serves up the best roast duck and/or roast pork, and I will say without hesitation: Hong Kong Jin Tian Eating House. My family has tried various hawker stalls, and before discovering Jin Tian, we were surprised that even Hong Kong restaurants in Melbourne and Perth were serving up roast meat that was in terms of taste, many leagues ahead of Singapore's hawker stalls. 

You cannot imagine how delighted we were when we found Jin Tian, and that it matches up to those Hong Kong restaurants in Melbourne and Perth. People we have invited over for a roast duck / pork meal have all also been impressed.

Proudly displaying lots of newspaper cuttings

One of the respectable things about the roast meat stall at Jin Tian Eating house is that their standards are very consistent. The roast duck is always cooked to the same degree, with the same amount of marinade, and is consistently and absolutely finger-licking delicious. If you do not watch yourself, I guarantee that slivers of juicy duck meat will slide down your throat effortlessly, and you will suddenly be amazed that you ate so much at one go.

Roast duck in April 2012

Roast duck in July 2012

As for the roast pork, the chefs use lean pork belly, so you will not be paying to throw away chunks of fat. The bubbled pork skin is always crispy, the pork meat always tender and succulent, never ever dried up or tough. My favourite bits are the thicker edges of the meat - the darker burnt bits, which are the most intense in taste.

Roast pork in April 2012

Roast pork in July 2012

Do try the roast meat with their chilli. It is also better than the chilli served at most roast meat stalls, and never fails to add a nice spicy kick to a roast meat fest.

Hong Kong Jin Tian Eating House
58 Seng Poh Road
Singapore 160058

Opening hours: Daily 7.30am-8pm (but closed on alternate Wednesdays)

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