Thursday, August 16, 2012

Johor Bahru Handmade Pau: Tau sar pau and char siew pau

After my mother said that the big pork pau from Johor Bahru Handmade Pau ("JBHP") reminded her of the paus she used to eat in Malacca, I wanted to get some tau sar pau and char siew pau for her to try. 

I had read on another blog that JBHP's tau sar pau was packed with red bean. Well... it did have red bean inside and you can say it was "packed" with red bean. But as you can see from the picture, the skin was very thick. The amount of red bean to the amount of skin was probably a 1:1 ratio.

Nevertheless, at least the thick skin was somewhat light and fluffy, and not heavy and doughy. The mashed red bean in the pau was slightly different from the tau sar paus that I have tasted from Teck Kee and Tiong Bahru: it was not mashed as finely, and was not as sweet.

As for the char siew pau, its skin was similarly thick but somewhat light. And within the pau - shreds of pork coated in creamy red sauce that was on the sweet side. The pau had slightly less meat compared to Tiong Bahru Pau's char siew pau, and its sauce was noticeably sweeter than that in Teck Kee's char siew pau, bringing it closer to the realm of desserts. I prefer my char siew paus to be more savoury than sweet, so this did not work for me.

Johor Bahru Handmade Pau
Blk 4 #01-2082
Changi Village Road
Singapore 500004

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