Friday, August 03, 2012

Johor Bahru Handmade Pau: Big Pork Pau

Whilst shopping in Takashimaya a few weeks ago, I decided to take a look at the food fair in its basement. Amongst the many stalls was Johor Bahru Handmade Pau. Before then I had never heard of it, and had there not been a little queue, I would have dismissed it as just another char siew pau shop.

Mom takes char siew paus as snacks when she gets hungry, so I thought I would buy her one or two to try. But the staff at the stall was telling the people in front of me that they were all sold out! I asked them what they had left then, and they pointed to a massive pau. "Okay I'll have one pork bun" I said.

When I cut the pau open for a picture before serving it to mom, wow. Some "soup" from the pau dripped out. It smelled wonderfully fragrant, as if someone was cooking rich pork broth. The pork pau was stuffed with chunks of tasty pork (note: cornstarched ground pork and not solely pork meat), chives and a quarter of an egg. When mom ate it, she said that it did taste like the paus she used to eat in Malacca.

There is one improvement that can be made to the pau though, which I think is something that can be made to most paus in Singapore: thinner skin please!

Size visual


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