Saturday, August 11, 2012

Teochew Dynasty

One of my father's favourite dishes is cold crab, and having seen Teochew Dynasty's advertisement in the newspapers for its cold crab, he wanted to try this new restaurant out. As someone who prefers spicy food to say, steamed fish, I am usually more open to trying out new Thai and Indonesian restaurants. So I stepped into this restaurant at Midview City (had never even heard of it before this) with some apprehension.

The restaurant looked clean, spanking new.

We ordered a small cold crab, that was shared between my father and myself. Closer to the head, the roe and meat was succulent and delightful... a good start. However, the meat in the legs was a little dry, and the meat in the pincers even more dry.

Next came the pig's stomach and salted vegetable soup. The broth had mid-range depth and was not bad. I had four bowls of it.

Should have had less of the broth, because after that I could not finish the pig's stomach!

When it comes to ducks, I prefer mine roasted. Soya sauce duck rice type of duck - not a fan of it. But my father persuaded me to try this soya sauce braised duck that was braised the same way as braised soya sauce goose. It tasted average to me... not too dry and tough, but not delicious either. I think I would have preferred the usual goose meat instead of duck meat. The slices of tofu beneath the duck meat tasted fine but they would have more depth in taste if they had been braised / marinated in the sauce for much longer.

And our spicy dish of the day: sambal kangkong. A good portion (but it did cost a lot) with lots of sambal. Yum!

After our dinner, we were presented with a hefty bill. Can't say that we were surprised as the menu states the prices of the dishes, but overall, the food was average and I would say not worth the price tag.

Teochew Dynasty

26 Sin Ming Lane
#01-121, Midview City
Singapore 573971

Tel: 6659 4657

Opening hours: Daily: 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm

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