Saturday, April 28, 2012

Banana walnut bread-cake

Presenting my first cake: banana walnut cake. The receipe I used from Peter Reinhart's Crust & Crumb was actually for banana bread, and it asked for all-purpose flour to be used. --That is the same as plain flour, which I had a bag of (brand: PrimaFlour) in my fridge. Not knowing whether PrimaFlour's plain flour was bleached or unbleached, I decided to give it a shot anyway. How bad could it turn out? ;)

I used a steam pan even though Peter Reinhart did not instruct for one, and there was noticeable oven spring.

Final product


What came out of the oven was the moistest bread-cake my family and I have ever tasted. A big reason is that Peter Reinhart's receipe uses a lot of overripe bananas. From the above picture you can see that there are some holes unlike those found in pound banana cakes. I reckon the holes are from it being a bread-cake. It was crumbly, and the walnutty chunks brought out even more its slight banana sweetness. Mom, who rarely dishes out praises, went as far as to say that it tasted better than cake shop cakes.

Could have been a brilliant fluke, but regardless, all credit goes to Peter Reinhart's receipe. The next time I try this, I reckon I will experiment with the inclusion of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

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