Thursday, April 26, 2012

Da Paolo Gastronomia: Shepherd's Pie

This may look like a potato top hat, but it is not - it is shepherd's pie from Da Paolo. My family knows Da Paolo for its cakes, but we have never tried the savouries stacked near the cakes. Reminiscing the shepherd's pie my mother used to make when I was a child, I bought one from Da Paolo Gastronomia to try. 

What I liked about Da Paolo's shepherd's pie was that the mashed potato "top hat" was silky smooth and creamy - no chunks or blobs of potato or any grittiness. The golden-brown patches on top made it more attractive as well.

What I did not like so much about the shepherd's pie was that the aluminium base was short enough as it was, yet the filling occupied only half the aluminium base - the rest was just mashed potato. For $7, I reckon that is really too little filling. Next, shepherd's pie fillings usually consist either meat and vegetables cooked in broth, or cooked in tomato puree / paste. This shepherd's pie was the latter version, except that it tasted too strongly of tomato ketchup as opposed to tomato puree / paste. Not very enjoyable.

Verdict: As much respect I have for Da Paolo's cakes, its shepherd's pie did not work for me. It is likely that I will just stick with its cakes next time.

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Six Battery Road #K1-01
Singapore 049909
Tel: 6535 4339 

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8am – 9pm

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