Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Search Engine Questions #1

Some people may not realise, but Blogger allows me to see the top search keywords that people used to get to my blog. Some people type in questions, and some questions are actually good ones that are worth discussing. So here goes...

Q: Can you feed baby Lao Ban soya beancurd?
WC: The soya beancurd is so soft that I do not think it will present as a choking hazard. It is a little sweet though, and may contain creamer. Knowing this, it is up to you to decide whether it is nutritious for your baby. If you are raising your child Paleo though, the answer is no, because you want to stay away from legumes.

Q: Are Trader Joe's vegetable root chips Paleo?
WC: This is a greyish area. Tubers are Paleo-ish and are eaten by some Paleo-ers post workout for recovery. The less processed they are, the better of course. Because I have finished and thrown away the Trader Joe's veggie chips bag, I cannot for the life of me remember its ingredients other than the tubers themselves. But take a look and note what oil is used, whether there are any preservatives or artificial flavouring / colours added, what else has been added (eg. MSG?), and how the tubers were cooked. That will help you make a decision.

Q: Can you throw out oil from natural nut butters?
WC: No one is preventing you from doing it :) but please do not, otherwise your nut butter will be really dry and flaky. Do stir it into your nut butter - it is natural oil from the nuts and is not poisonous!

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