Friday, April 06, 2012

Phati Thai Food

It was due to a box of mango salad from Phati Thai that my uncle and aunt bought for us, that my mother and I travelled to Alexandra Village Food Centre to try more of their dishes. That day, as my mother wanted the claypot laksa for lunch, we agreed to take away the Thai food for dinner.

If I remember right, the Thai mango salad cost about $3.50. The portion given was large compared to some cafes / restaurants like Thai Express, and had a nice heap of onions and ground peanuts sprinkled on top. After sitting in the fridge for awhile, the mango salad tasted wonderfully refreshing. It was a little on the sweet side, so if you prefer it to be less sweet, you can scoop and toss the sweet sauce at the bottom of the salad.

The green curry chicken was a surprise. From the first photo it would seem that most of the container was curry. But upon exploration with a spoon, there were many big chunks of dark chicken meat and eggplant in there. The second photo shows the dish after I had eaten half the chicken and brinjal, and drank most of the curry. The green curry was delicious and although not diluted, it was less thick and creamy compared to Suan Thai's stall in the Takashimaya food court. Perhaps it is to cater to some people's low-fat obsession, but I would prefer the curry to be thicker. I think the curry cost $4, and alone, it would make a good Paleo meal. If it was being sold in the CBD in this proportion, I would probably buy it once a week.

My mother likes the taste of olive rice and so, tried Phati Thai's version. She said that she could not quite taste the olive in it, and that it tasted a bit more like fried rice. Nevetheless she ate all the rice up in two meals.

We will definitely return to Phati Thai when we want good and cheap Thai food.

Phati Thai
Alexandra Village Food Centre
Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150120

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