Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ines Rosales: Seville Orange Sweet Olive Oil Tortas

Ines Rosales' tortas are unique thin, light, crispy, flaky biscuits, that are covered with a sugar glaze and that go fantastically well with tea or coffee. Each torta had bits of crystallised orange on its surface, which provided a hint of orange with every bite. The slice of torta below is not actually burnt. The dark spots you see are the result of the olive oil and crystallised orange soaking through the biscuit.

The Seville Orange tortas were the second flavour of tortas I had tried from Ines Rosales. The first I had was Cinnamon, which I thought was even better. Besides these sweet dessert-type tortas, there are three other flavours of tortas out there: original, rosemary & thyme, and sesame & sea salt.

NTUC Finest was selling these beauties at one point of time last year, but unfortunately I have not seen Ines Rosales' tortas on the shelves since. I am unsure if NTUC Finest imported the tortas from Spain, but they are available in certain US supermarkets, and on at least.

If you can get your hands on them, do give them a go. You will not regret it!

(Note: Ines Rosales' tortas are not Paleo.)

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  1. Hello, if you like olive oil tortas, I recommend you taste Vegajardin "tortas de aceite" there are several flavors. I really love the lemon and cinnamon olive oil tortas.