Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ever since I read that this new French place called Poulèt was serving up roast chicken French style, I have been wanting to try it out. I never got down to it as we rarely visit the places its restaurants are located, and have stopped visiting Great World City due to their S$1.70 per hour / S$3.63 per entry parking. Anyhow, my father dragged us to Bugis+ one Sunday with the aim of tempting us into having a Shabu-shabu dinner. But we ended up at Poulet!

Poulèt's Bugis+ ambience is pleasant, and if you are seated by the balcony, you get a good view of the going-ons of the various floors.

Slice of lemon in our water for flavour

Despite Poulèt's offering of a new chicken dish, we decided to go instead with their "star dish", the Poulèt Roti.

We also went with one of their salads as a starter. Unfortunately I cannot remember what the name of the salad was, and neither does Poulèt's website have a copy of its menu. The salad was well-tossed, and its combination of various oil-coated leaves, cherry tomatoes, sliced olives and pine nuts worked harmoniously. We could have eaten mounds.

Mom needed some carbs, so she ordered a baguette. She commented that it tasted average.

When our Poulèt Roti arrived, I stared at it for awhile. It was plated up simple - white casserole dish with a handful of spinach leaves tucked between the two halves of chicken. Poulèt must have used a spring chicken or kampung chicken as it was small. However, it did not look very appetizing compared to the pictures in the reviews I had read, for example Daniel Food Diary and Miss Tam Chiak. Nonetheless, all of us dug in with hungry anticipation.

As expected, the chicken meat was mostly tender. Only the breast was a little overcooked and dry, requiring assistance from the mushroom Chardonnay sauce. While the sliced mushrooms themselves were a tasty add-on to the dish, the cream sauce was so creamy and rich that it made all of us feel kind of nauseous, and we ended up doing without. Mom regretted not ordering the Poulèt de Cranberry instead, and had to have a sweet cup of tea to combat the richness of the white sauce.

As the Poulèt Roti has been put forth as Poulèt's "star dish", we could not help but feel somewhat disappointed at its taste and texture. However I would want to taste the other dishes on its menu like their lamb shank, duck's leg and oxtail, before passing final judgment.


201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

Tel: +65 6509 9411

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm

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