Monday, July 08, 2013

Dinner: Sashimi and other Japanese items

After a hard day's work, I decided to treat myself with some Japanese food. Generally, I prefer to da pao my sashimi etc because it is much cheaper than eating at Japanese restaurants. You may remember that Takashimaya's Cold Storage is one of my favourite places for taking away sashimi. As much as I would have preferred to get dinner from there that evening, NTUC Finest at TripleOne Somerset was nearer.

By around 7-8pm, the sushi and sashimi are reduced in price by a dollar or two. I would have bought a block of sashimi but only the sliced ones were left. I would also have liked some hamachi, but Finest's range is limited compared to Cold Storage's. In the end I went with grilled baby scallops, chuka wakame and flying fish roe.

It took about 15 minutes to get home, which should not have affected the quality of the sashimi as it was not a searingly hot night. I have also taken the same amount of time to carry sashimi from Cold Storage home, and it still tasted fresh. However, Finest's sashimi tasted somewhat old / stale when I had it. A disappointment.

Well, that disappointment was made up for a little by the grilled baby scallops. Each of them was bouncy and bursting with juice. With a dab of wasabi and soy sauce, they tasted perfect. Flying fish roe is quite salty, so I do not actually recommend eating it by itself (which I did LOL). If you are Paleo, you can probably create a salad from, eg. sliced japanese cucumber and julienned carrots, and top it with some of the roe. 

As for the chuka wakame, I had never eaten it before at Japanese restaurants as I always thought it was just some side dish that was not worth the money. But earlier in the week I was just drawn to the wakame and got a box to try. Bam! I was instantly bought. So I just had to buy another to eat again.

If you are going to da pao your sashimi, another place I can recommend besides Takashimaya's Cold storage is Paragon's Marketplace. The people behind the Japanese counter are Japanese, and their produce look impeccably fresh. The next time I crave for sashimi, I will just make myself walk there to them out.

NTUC Finest
111 Somerset Road
#01-04/04A/05 to 09
Triple One Somerset
Singapore 238164

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