Friday, April 26, 2013

When the only thing that is still open is McDonalds

Recently I have had a couple of really late nights at the office, working till as late as 3.30am. At Raffles Place, dining options lessen as time ticks. By 9pm, almost every cafe or restaurant in the area is closed, except perhaps some along Boat Quay. Well, I was feeling hungry at 1am, and the only place that was still serving food at that time was the 24-hour McDonalds at Boat Quay.

(Some people might say that I should have planned better and brought food to work. That is sometimes an option, but I am not in the habit of storing canned tuna in my room, which I do not like the taste of. I had been reaching home after 10pm and going back to the office early the next morning, so I was just too tired to cook. Moreover, our office does not have a microwave oven.)

Frankly, I do not consider McDonalds the junk food demon that some portray it to be. There are items on the menu to suit a Paleo'er's needs. For example, I ordered the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. That should contain about 226g of beef - about the size of a sirloin steak.

If you are supposed to be dairy free, you can try asking them to leave out the cheese and perhaps to add lettuce instead, the kind you get with a Big Mac. Or you could order a few Hamburgers or McDoubles.

Additionally, I am pretty certain that their tomato ketchup contains HFCS but I was too tired to bother customising my order at the counter. You can ask them to leave out the ketchup as well, although that might leave your meat patties a little dry.

After eating the two meat patties, I tossed the bun and was satisfied for the rest of the night. Hunger problem at 1am solved, and I remained hugely Paleo.

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