Sunday, April 07, 2013

Adams Natural Peanut Butter is back in stock!

Can you spot it?

It started with mom bringing home a jar of Crunchy early last week. Then a reader Galicia Karthesier left a comment saying that she spotted some jars at Clementi Mall's NTUC Finest (thanks for the tip-off Galicia!). And today, I spotted the varieties of Adams PB at Killiney Road's NTUC, their expiry date being September 2013.

Get them while you still can!

Edit / update (13 April 2013) : The crunchy version is available at Coronation Plaza's NTUC. Only the crunchy version was on the shelf though.


  1. Hey, I noticed you seem to like nut butters. If you get the chance, do try the Organic Peanut Free Omega-3 Seven Nut & Seed Butter from Nuttzo. They have it on iHerb. Pretty sure you'd love it, though they're kinda pricey.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Nuttzo! Looks like the flavour would be interesting. I saw the nutritional information, and it's just nuts and a little bit of salt, which is great! The chocolate one is tempting, although I would like some information on what those dark chocolate chips constitute.

    Yeah, I agree - pricey! But tempting!