Monday, April 22, 2013

Tartes from Paul Bakery

This is going to be a brief review as I rarely eat tartes and am not an expert on them. We were given a box of pretty tartes from Paul Bakery. I could not resist, and had a little bite of each. I think their names are as follows:
- Top row from L-R: Strawberry Tarte, Mixed Fruit Tarte, Chocolate Tarte
- Middle row on the left: Lemon Cream Tarte with Meringue

All of the tartes had a delightful buttery base, strong enough to hold the tarte yet moist and crumbly in the mouth. And of course, not too thick so that you feel like you're eating a biscuit with a smidge of topping instead of tarte, where the main focus is on what is within the tarte's shell.

The pastry cream below the Strawberry and Mixed Fruit Tartes was creamy yet light, and slightly sweet, pairing up excellently with the fruit. Both tartes are suitable as light tea time snacks.

The Lemon Cream Tarte with Meringue was a favourite amongst my friends. It had carried enough of a tart lemon-y flavour at a level that was just delightfully right.

My favourite was the Chocolate Tarte for its dense, chocolatey richness that felt as lusciously thick as a brownie, but more smooth and less cake-like.

I would eat these tartes again, and take bigger bites!

Paul Bakery
391 Orchard Road
#03-16/16A/17 Ngee Ann City
Tel: 6836 5932

Opening hours:
Sun–Thu: 8.30am – 10pm
Fri–Sat: 8.30am – 11pm

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