Monday, June 04, 2012

Mao Shan Power Puff, Goodwood Park Hotel

Mao Shan Power Puff looking all coy...
its surface looking a little like that of Tiger Bread

Durian goodness is in full swing at Goodwood Park Hotel, and this hotel, famous for its durian pastries, has just begun selling its Mao Shan Power Puff (on 1 June). Being a durian lovers, I had to go down to Goodwood Park Hotel to buy one for my family to try.


According to the website of Goodwood Park Hotel, the Mao Shan Power Puff is:

...a mega-sized profiterole with a generous amount of creamy ‘mao shan wang’ durian pulp freshly piped in upon your order.

When I placed my order at the deli, indeed one of the deli staff moved to another section to retrieve the profiterole, squeeze durian from a big piping tube onto the face of half the profiterole, then place the other half on top.

The size of the profiterole is huge, about the size of a cheeseburger. That should probably be how you eat it too: with both hands like you do a good old burger. Cutting it might lead to some messiness, as can be seen in the picture below!

Mao shan oozing out...

Some might see the choux pastry as only a "casing" to hold the mao shan in. But to me, its delicate lightness and puffiness contrasted nicely with the thick creaminess of the durian. When you take a bite of the Mao Shan Power Puff, you have to close your eyes and enjoy the full extent of the taste of the rich gorgeousness, first filling then slowly melting in your mouth. Suck on it, and savour it. It is pure bliss.

My mother said that the durian itself within the choux pastry was the highlight. My father enjoyed the Mao Shan Power Puff so much that he was scraping at the doily.

The Mao Shan Power Puff is available at Goodwood Park Hotel Deli for S$16.80 per puff. If you want to experience this bliss, you have up to 30 June to do so. Better run fast so that you have a buffer to buy more if you get addicted!

Goodwood Park Hotel,diningOffers_viewItem_71-en.html

22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221

Tel: 6730 1786
Fax: 6737 4073

Deli Opening Hours: 9am - 9pm daily

Order form available here.


  1. Oh man I'm a durian fanatic as well! The filling does look superbly rich, creamy and potent! I still like having durians in the pure, unadulterated fruit form though. Have you tried Goodwood Park's other durian creations? I'm thinking of getting the macadamia tart or chocolate banana durian cake.

  2. The filling tasted quite close to pure durian. My mother wasn't sure, but thinks only a bit of cream was added. You have to try it!

    Nope, I have not tried the other durian creations... want to though, especially the mousse cake and ice cream! If you try the tart and cake, do let me know how good they are :)