Friday, June 29, 2012

Don - Your Personal Pie Club: Signature Chicken Pie

Think chicken pie. Think comfort food. Chunky tender chicken pieces, slices of mushroom, all smoothered with warm creamy gravy and encased in crispy, flaky puff pastry. My favourite chicken pie for the past 5 years has been that from Dino Cake House & Cafe. But when I walked past Don's pie shop in VivoCity, I remember reading a good review of its pies, and decided to get a slice of Don's Signature Chicken Pie to try.

Flaky pastry on top with fork holes. The puff pastry was thicker than Dino's. In the quarter-slice that I received were 3/4 of an egg nestled just under the crust but on top of the main filling, something that Dino's does not have. There were those tender chicken chunks, but it was more soft, boiled potatoes. tAmongst the filling were mushroom slices, and a few pieces of diced carrots, corn and peas. That said, the filling on the whole was decently fragrant and "comforting". 

Even though my verdict lies with Dino's for its flakier, more buttery puff pastry, and its more-chicken-less-potatoes filling, it was close between Dino's and Don's. If you are in the city and you do not live in Thomson or Bukit Timah, Don's is the way to

A quarter of Don's signature chicken pie costs $4.60. A whole chicken pie costs $18.

Don - Your Personal Pie Club

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am-9pm

1 Harbourfront Walk
VivoCity #B2-K3

China Square Central
20 Cross Street
China Court #01-34-36
Singapore 048422

NEX Serangoon Shopping Mall
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083

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