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Nongkhai Beer House, Golden Mile Complex


A month after returning to Singapore from Thailand last year, I was already craving for the sour-spiciness of Thai food. After some Googling around and reading the following reviews, I decided on Nongkahi Beer House at Golden Mile Complex:
- Edibles
- What's For Tomorrow?
- quirkyhill

At Nongkhai Beer House, the menu consists only of a page. The number and types of dishes they cook are quite limited, so if you were looking for the more commonly known Thai dishes like basil pork / chicken, and green curry chicken, you will have to go to another cafe.

The tomyam seafood soup was disappointing. Since when was crabsticks and fishcake seafood? There were only about two pieces of real fish, two prawns and three or four thin rings of sotong inside. The soup was spicy, but a little watery for my liking. Not worth your stomach space at all.

At least the grilled chicken was better. It had a faint barbeque aroma and was mostly tender, retaining its natural juices. Only the breast was slightly overcooked and dry. Nongkhai Beer House must have been using kampong chicken because I could have finished the whole half-chicken we ordered. If you have meat eaters at the table, you will need to order a whole chicken.

You may have noticed that kang kong is not on the menu. My mother insisted on having some veggies, and we think that they ordered the kang kong from a neighbouring cafe and served it to us. It was cooked with garlic and thankfully not soaked in grease.

This papaya salad made me use up my entire pack of tissues. Lying in between the julienned strips of papaya were thin slices of chilli that made my eyes water and my nose run. It was a kick though, and spiced up (pun intended) the refreshing dish of crunchy papaya and green beans.

My mother also insisted on ordering the grilled fish for my father. My father thought it tasted so-so, but I did not like it at all. Firstly, the scales had not been removed, so we had to spend time and effort peeling away the skin before we could get to the flesh. The scales fell apart easily though, and every mouthful of fish I took contained at least one scale that I had to spit out. Bleh! Second, the texture of the fish was kind of soggy even though it was supposed to be grilled. Third, it tasted a little fishy.

On the whole, I think only the grilled chicken and papaya salad were acceptable. I cannot include the kangkong in my considerations since it came from another cafe. My mother said that she did not enjoy the food, that it was pricey. Her opinion was that if we visit Golden Mile again, we should eat at another cafe serving the more commonly known Thai dishes.

Nongkhai Beer House
5001 Beach Road
#01-73/74 Golden Mile Complex
Tel: 9188 7221

Note: Hungrygowhere appears to be reporting Nongkhai Beer House to be "Closed". At the point of publishing this post I am unable to verify this. If you have been to Golden Mile Complex, perhaps you can take a look whether Nongkhai Beer House has been shut down?

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