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Salmon, swordfish and sweet shrimp sashimi

Within Cold Storage, Takashimaya near the fruit section is what looks like a mini Japanese stall, with rows of sashimi and beautifully made sushi on display. There is even a bar counter and a few seats for customers to eat the Japanese delicacies. If you are up for sashimi, a slicing service is provided free of charge - you need only select the type and cut of seafood you want, and pass it to the staff behind the counter. 

Salmon is my favourite type of sashimi because of its smooth, soft, buttery deliciousness. Not to mention that it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids for one of the cheaper types of sashimi (at about $110 / kg for non-belly). Yellowtail also contains heaps of omega-3s, and according to this webpage more so than salmon, but is also more expensive at about $190 / kg.

(Note: If you have the time to travel Woodlands, Fassler Gourmet sells pre-cut salmon sashimi for $32+ / kg and yellowtail sashimi for $42 / kg. Website containing address and pricelist here.)

At the supermarket I have noticed people randomly picking cuts of fish. Some people might consider it embarrassing or rude to pick up produce and to turn it all around for examination. But the way I see it is that if I am going to eat something for fuel, it has to be fresh and in a good state (although I would not stare at the produce for more than 30 seconds or prod it).

For sashimi, I got for cuts with flesh that looks firm. The styrofoam base on which the flesh is sitting must by dry. For salmon specifically, I choose cuts with the most number of thick white lines and cuts that are the most marbled, as they will contain more fatty omega-3s. For the fattiest flesh, choose the belly cuts.

Left: Shrimp roe. Right: Salmon roe in transparent tub

Another source of omega-3s is fish roe, and salmon roe is one glorious source. Pick up one of these gorgeous orange bulbs and put it into your mouth - it will pop and fill your mouth with slightly salty sensuous oil.

When picking salmon roe, I go for tubs that are completey dry. A good majority of the bulbs must be full and firm, and must not be partially deflated or saggy looking.

Cold Storage Takashimaya
391A Orchard Road
#B2-01-1 Ngee Ann City S(238872) 
Monday - Sunday: 10.00am - 9.30pm

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