Sunday, October 20, 2013

SaladStop! at Chevron House

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Lots of salad bars have sprung up around Raffles Place, and the demand has definitely warranted the truckloads of fresh vegetables being delivered here everyday. SaladStop! is a player that has (I think) the most outlets around Singapore, and there are two just in the Raffles Place area. It is currently my favourite, just for offering the most bang for your buck.

Although SaladStop! offers "Signature Salads" like Cobb Salad, Hail Caesar (caesar salad) and Omega 3 Baby (smoked salmon salad) with pre-determined ingredient combinations, I have preferred the "Create Your Own" option.

The ingredients I usually go for are:
- Romaine lettuce as a base - $9.90
- Free toppings of :  Cucumber, carrot, onions, jalapeno, black olives, boiled egg, celery, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, broccoli and beetroot
- Premium toppings ($1.50 each) of : Avocado
- Premium toppings ($2.50 each) of : Grilled chicken
- Free dressing : Ranch dressing on the side

Altogether, it comes up to $13.90, just $1 more than two double quarter pounders, and somewhat healthier-feeling. Their ingredients have always looked and tasted fresh - no complaints about that so far. The staff always thoughtfully chop the romaine lettuce into smaller pieces so that you do not have to struggle with big leaves, and the ingredients are well-tossed before being put into a huge plastic bowl.

You might wonder what the difference is between SaladStop! and Salad Shop at UOB Plaza 2. They may offer similar ingredients, but SaladStop! is generous with the quantity it dishes out. You cannot see from the picture, but the salad is large, and has the most bulk you can get for its price.  I have had salads from The Green Bar and Salad Shop, and have still felt hungry after, but not when I have had a salad from SaladStop!.

The only thing is, SaladStop! at Chevron House closes at 8.30pm. So if you think it's gonna be a late night, better run down at 8pm and grab your salad before it closes!


30 Raffles Place
#01-36 Chevron House
Singapore 048622

Operating Hours:
- Mon - Fri: 8am - 8.30pm
- Saturday: 11.30am - 3.30pm            
- Sunday & PH: Closed

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