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Smoked Duck Surprise at The Green Bar

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I know, I know, I have not been posting anything in a long while, and I have got a valid excuse to tender: working late nights. Anyhow, when I was labouring in the office on those nights, ending up da pao-ing meals (doing takeaways), I also took shots of what I ate :)

On its Facebook page, The Green Bar unbashedly lists its many accolades:
  • 2012 The Best Salad : Smoked Duck Surprise : Timeout Magazine
  • 2011 3 Best Salad Bars in Singapore :
  • 2011 Timeout's 50 Best Restaurants : Timeout Magazine
  • 2011 Editor's Choice : Absolutely Wicked Strawberry : IS Magazine
  • 2011 Best of the Best : Absolutely Wicked Strawberry : Her World
  • 2010 Singapore's Best Salad Bars :
  • 2010 Best Salad Bars in the CBD : Timeout Magazine
  • 2010 50 Things You Simply Have to Put in your Mouth : Tandoor Tandoor IS Magazine

And it was all these awards that was what drew hungry me to its shop at Hitachi Towers at 7.30pm on a Thursday evening, when I was roaming around for food.

With so many tantalizing options to try, I decided to go for the most popular and "Best Salad" that night, the Smoked Duck Surprise. This salad is described by The Green Bar as "smoked duck with roasted pumpkin and rosemary potatoes on a bed of crisp greens drizzled with vinaigrette and olive oil, and a dash of freshly grated parmesan".

Further, as I was craving for meat that night, I asked for extra meat in the form of the tandoori chicken. The served happily obliged for an additional $3.50.

Even though I was eating it from a plastic container, the salad looked and smelled appetizing. However, given the shallow container, there was actually a higher ratio of meat to veg in there. Good for meat lovers, not so good for veg lovers.

The skin of the smoked duck was covered with ground black pepper, and its pinkish meat was fragrant. In fact it tasted exactly like the one sold at the deli counter of Cold Storage. As for the tandoori chicken, the tender chunks had definitely been well-marinated before cooking, and I was happy with them. It would have lent more flavour to the salad leaves though if the chicken had been served together with some of the creamy yoghurt it would have been marinated in.

Altogther there were about three chunks of soft pumpkin carrying hints of herbs, and about five chunks of rosemary potatoes, which I skipped. There were much less salad leaves than I would have liked, as I rely on these things to create some bulk in my stomach and give me the feeling of fullness.

In conclusion, I cannot deny that the Smoked Duck Surprise was generally a tasty salad. But minus the potatoes, I think it is more suitable as a snack or light meal, than a dinner that can fill one's stomach. Nonetheless, I think the salads from The Green Bar are worth a try if you are in the Raffles Place area. Have a go and let me know!

The Green Bar

16 Collyer Quay
Hitachi Towers #01-16/17
Singapore 049318

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11.00am-8.00pm

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