Friday, March 15, 2013

Seribu Sari Indonesian Dining, Rendezvous Hotel

There's a new Indonesian restaurant in town at Rendezvous Hotel called Seribu Sari Indonesian Dining. Having bought a $29 for $50 voucher for it, I took my parents down one weekend for dinner.

Everytime I visit a new Indonesian / nasi padang place, I wish I could have a taste of every dish on the menu to compare with what I have tasted before at other places. Sadly, doing so is almost always too costly. So instead, mom and I took a long hard look at the entire menu (pictures of which are below) before deciding the top few dishes that we wanted to try.

First up was the Terong Belado - "fried eggplant with fresh chilli". I liked the garnishing of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and julienned carrots. The more veggies there are, the happier I am. On the other hand, the star of the dish itself, the eggplant, was way too oily for me, and the belado was on the sweet side, which I did not quite like.

Next came the Sotong Belado - "fried squid with fresh spicy red chilli sauce". The belado in this dish was probably the same as the belado in the eggplant dish. The portion size of squid served was little, but at least the squid was cooked till just right, and was not at all rubbery.

The Ikan Curry - "mackeral fillets in flavourful spicy tamarind coconut gravy with eggplant and okras" - tasted a little different to what we have had at Tambuah Mas. In this case, the gravy was slightly thicker and the different type of sourish flavour from the tamarind came through. It was the sedap kind of sourish flavour that whets your appetite and goes well with rice.

Instead of beef, I wanted to try the Ayam (chicken) Rendang instead. On the menu, it was described as "chicken simmered in spicy coconut milk until dry and fragrant". The ayam rendang was drier than usual, the gravy being creamy thick and rich, with multiple strands of spices intertwined. The gravy was bursting with flavour. Strangely, it tasted somewhat like a cross between rendang gravy and chicken curry gravy. Quite different from all the rendangs I have had, but nonetheless delicious.

Our tower of Tahu Telur - "fluffy eggs with bean curd served with mild spicy sweet sauce, topped with bean sprouts, julienned carrots and cucumbers" - looked kind of small compared to Tambuah Mas' tower. Tahu Telur is one of my favourite dishes because I love the deep fried light crispy egg, and I was looking forward to trying Seribu Sari's. 

Whilst Tambuah Mas' tahu telur is usually a little on the greasy side, Seribu Sari's was hardly so. Double thumbs up on that point. There was a lot of fried egg and I was thoroughly enjoying the dish. In fact, there was so much fried egg that my parents could not really find any tahu inside. Neither could I.

(Later on, when the manager asked us for our feedback, I brought this up to him. He said that the tahu was broken up inside and we might have missed it. But we informed him that truly, there was almost no tahu inside. He said that he would let the chef know.)

In terms of condiments, you will be served three cups of dips: a cup of sambal, a cup of what tastes like kecap manis, and a cup of a different kind of sweetish chilli.

On the whole, the food at Seribu Sari was better than average and a nice change from what we are used to at Tambuah Mas. If its menu was priced more affordably, I would love to return and try more dishes, especially those marked "Chef's Recommendation" and the other dishes labelled "Chef's Speciality".

Seribu Sari Indonesian Dining
9 Bras Basah Road
#03-03 Rendezvous Gallery
Rendezvous Grand Hotel
Singapore 189559


Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily

Here are pictures of the menu for your reference. There were pictures of the various dishes in the menu as well, but I did not take pictures of them because of the poor lighting.

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