Saturday, March 09, 2013

Glory Catering - Peranakan Nasi Padang

Most people would only associate the name Glory with Chinese New year cookies, kaya, and condiments like sambal chilli. But did you know that they also have a cafe at East Coast Road serving peranakan nasi padang, selling kueh, and whipping up one of the best popiahs in Singapore?

These days in many places, and even at hawker centres in the heartlands, the amount of filling you get in a popiah is so measly you can pop half the roll in your mouth at one shot. But at Glory Catering at East Coast, they do not short change you like that - they use an elongated, oblong scoop with punched holes to scoop the turnip filling, and ensure that most of the liquid drains through the holes. You get a generous amount of turnip filling that makes for a solid popiah roll, one or two rolls enough to be a meal in itself. My family loves their popiah.

Sayur lodeh

Glory's peranakan nasi padang is pretty alright, in-between restaurant and hawker centre stall quality. Generally, I would rank it slightly higher than Nasi Padang River Valley, just because I prefer my nasi padang not to taste sweetish.

Chicken curry

Fish curry


Our only gripe was that the sotong was a little rubbery when we ate it.

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More pictures of the store can be found on their website here.

Glory Catering Pte Ltd

139 East Coast Road
Singapore 428829
Tel: 63441749

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